Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The links below will help you find a minor league sports club in your area. Remember it isn't the sport that is important, it's whether they serve beer and if you can get in for under ten bucks.

Some have said that we in the SPMBNC put too much emphasis on the drinking portion of our membership requirement. To them we say, pish and piffle, we of the SPMBNC have always believed that drinking beer without being at a Minor League sporting event is just plain wrong. Unless of course there is a Minor League sporting event happening nearby...

or within the same state...

or within the same month that the drinking is happening...

maybe wrong is too strong a word...

If you know of any other Minor League Sites, or perhaps better ones than we were able to find, send them to the SPMBNC

Dean Shutt
Managing General Partner for Life

The Minor League Baseball Site

The Official Site of Roller Hockey International

Bastketball's Minor Leagues and Teams

The US College Hockey Site

ESPN's Minor League Hockey Site

A Minor League/ Semi-Pro Football Site

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