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Theory On Tap
Table of Contents

Introduction Rick Bellinger
Lesson 1: Intervals Rick Bellinger
Lesson 2: What are Triads? Rick Bellinger
Lesson 3 Part I: Major Scales and other Phenomena I Will Pirkle
Lesson 3 Part II: Major Scales and other Phenomena II Will Pirkle
Lesson 4: Scales and Modes Greg Brouelette
Lesson 4 Part II: Chords of the Major Scale Rick Bellinger
Lesson 5: The Circle of Fifths Vance Gloster
Lesson 6: Jazz Progressions: Your Friend, the Two-Five Jeff Jetton
Lesson 7: Pentatonic Scales and the Blues Greg Broulette
Lesson 8: Minor Scales Grant D. Green
Lesson 9: Minor Chords Grant D. Green
Lesson 10: More Jazz Progressions Jeff Jetton
Lesson 11: Polychords Vance Gloster
Lesson 12: Symmetrical Scales, Synthetic and Other Random Junk Rick Bellinger, Will Pirkle

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