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Who are We?

Andy Wallace, Publisher and Managing Editor

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Andy Wallace considers himself a southwestern boy, despite having spent 1/3 of his life in the Midwest. When he's not vainly trying to correct the spelling mistakes in submissions to the 'times, he makes a living as a computer geek, and has a budding band on the side, in which he plays bass and the Chapman Stick, which means he spends a lot of time explaining what one is. Foolishly assumes that he's the creative force that holds the entire magazine together.

Dean Shutt, Editor in Chief

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Dean Shutt recently returned to the San Francisco Bay area with his tail between his legs and now shares a beautiful house in Oakland with his lovely and oh-so patient girlfriend, his evil twin Skippy, two cats that tolerate his presence and the voices. He started writing professionally at the age of five, selling love letters to his friends in kindergarten. Following a twenty-five year professional slump and a bout of poetry, he is now Editor-in-Chief and regular contributor to the 'times. He still can't believe that he is still doing this after five years.

Skippy, The Straw That Stirs The Drink

What is there to say about Skippy that you can't read in the indictments? He lives in Oakland with his wussy twin Dean. He is getting pretty sick of moving every three months and wishes Dean would just make a decision already. He is fond of PAC's, soft money and generous closet space. He doesn't work, he doesn't drive and he has developed an unsettling tendency of cutting his own hair. He generously donates a column a month, plus the occasional feature, to keep this rag afloat.

Dave Lind, Chief Consultant for All Other Stuff

Dave Lind was born in the house that he helped his father build. He now lives in San Jose, Ca where he sucks at the Government teat under the auspices of a defense contractor. His hobbies include sports, watching sports, following sports, and being a fan of sports. He still indulges in a fantasy of making it in the NBA, limited though he is by an unfortunate lack of height and a corresponding lack of talent. To date his most significant acheivement is being born anatomically correct. He is now the "Chief Consultant for All Other Stuff" at the 'times.