Qualifications Summary

Highly qualified Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the construction of quality software. Proficient in all phases of software specification, design, testing, deployment and maintenance, as well as databases and SQL. Direct experience in management of development teams for 5 years. Demonstrated ability as a team player, leader and motivator.

Technical Skills

Languages: C, C++, HTML, SQL, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic
Operating Systems: MS Windows, Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris), OS/2
SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, Sybase, c-tree
Special Software: MS Office, MS Project, PGP, Clearcase (Atria), FrameMaker, PVCS


BS Computer Science, 1984 Washington University in St. Louis

BS Engineering (EE), 1984 Washington University in St. Louis

Professional Employment History

Senior Data Analyst OTE Technologies, Concord, CA March 2003-July 2003

Built new subsystems and enhanced/maintained existing systems in Perl and PHP for internet billing service company. Subsystems included check handling (returns, reissues, voiding), partner logging, customer login, and general asministration functions.

o        Wrote Perl/PHP code to access mySQL database

o        Designed new tables

o        Integrated new subsystems into existing infrastructure


Consultant/Programmer 2002

Worked on web-based projects in Perl, PHP, and SQL for firms in the SF Bay area.

o        Wrote Perl/PHP code to access mySQL database for client in the insurance industry

o        Designed new tables, implemented data conversion and loading routines

o        Integrated new subsystems into existing infrastructure

o        Built stored procedures in MS SqlServer 2000 to abstract data objects

o        Provided documentation to XML programmers for accessing stored procs.


Senior Software Engineer - InLeague, Inc. San Bruno, California July 2001-October 2001

Recruited as project lead to re-architecture the existing InLeague system using a standard 3-tier model, intended to improve scalability and stability of the outsourced payroll sstem that served the company's customers.

o        Analyzed existing SQL code to document functionality

o        Produced documentation for existing and new subsystems designs as well as data and coding standards

o        Managed design meetings

o        Led prototype effort


Principal Software Engineer - Insweb Corp. Gold River, California August 1997-February 2001

Led a team through maintenance and re-architecting of the Lead Delivery system, which is responsible for a significant portion of Insweb's revenue stream. The re-architecture provided greater performance and ease of maintenance. Also managed Annuities, a new front-end product that was the pilot project for using J2EE and Java in developing front-end systems at Insweb.

Professional Employment History (continued)


Senior Software Engineer - Informix, Inc. Menlo Park, California February 1995-August 1997

Recruited to work on V3.0 of NewEra, an integrated development environment for an object-oriented 4GL used to work with Informix databases. Helped test and debug V2.1, and also served as interim manager of my group. Acted as manager and technical lead of the Mobile team, working on designing a toolkit for mobile applications.


Software Engineer - Decision Focus, Inc., Mountain View, California December 1991-February 1995

Responsible for the design, development and deployment of decision support and analysis applications for a variety of clients.

o        Built and deployed a graphical front-end that provided a unified interface to a collection of legacy mainframe programs written in a variety of languages.

o        Platform: OS/2, Enfin (a Smalltalk derivative)

o        Built a graphical system for analyzing railroad tanker car deterioration and related maintenance schedules.

o        Platform: Win95, Visual Basic

o        Built and packaged a program used to market various research programs, including demonstrations of benefits, and the associated database. Delivered to clients on a single CD.

o        Platform: Win95 MSAccess, Visual Basic

o        Built a sub-system for processing and loading passenger records from a mainframe tracking system into an Orable database for use in a load forecasting system.


Independent Contractor - Impact Technologies, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri February 1995-August 1997

Developed code for a telephone switch interface and data management system.

o        Built sub-modules for communicating with telephone switch


Consultant/Programmer - GA Sullivan Consultants, Ltd St. Louis, Misouri August 1984-September 1990

Responsible for design, development and maintenance of the GA Sullivan Application Development Environment, which was used by developers to create custom programs for clients. Also contracted out to another firm, designing and implementing software for telecommunications services.

o        ADE produced systems for either DOS or OS/2, networked or stand-alone

o        ADE allows prototypes to be delivered in days instead of weeks, cutting development time significantly

o        Built UNIX-based rograms to manage switch interactions, including call tracking, billing, directory services

o        Traveled to customer sites for installation, configuration and training