We Weren't Soldiers

The Talking Chickenhawk Blues
a Song by Peter Dyer

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The Musicians:

Harmonica: Craig Thomsen
Bass: Keith Cary
Guitar and Vocals: Peter Dyer

Recorded by Keith Cary, 1/4/2003
"Talking Chickenhawk Blues" was written as a reaction to the surreal and sorry spectacle of the charge to war being led by so many people who avoided the shooting when it was their time.

As Steve Fowle, editor of the New Hampshire Gazette and organizer of the Chickenhawk Database put it: "You just can't sink much deeper into the abyss of hypocrisy."

We are putting this song on the net to encourage people to question the judgment of our most prominent warmongering leaders. In this way we hope to contribute to the effort to stop Gulf War II. Preferably before it starts.

Spread this song around--get the message out. Download it, perform it. Peter Dyer, who wrote "Talking Chickenhawk Blues" in October 2002 and owns the copyright on the song, does not expect to make a dime from it. If he finds out that anyone else should be personally profiting from this song in any way, that person will hear from his attorney.

This web page was organized, laid out and posted by Andy Wallace. If anyone knows who is responsible for the excellent "Bush/AWOL" graphic, we'd like to know so we can give him/her credit.

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