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Guidelines for Artists

At this point, our guidelines are pretty simple:
We prefer minimal color drawings, such as cartoons, line drawings, etc. We also would like photographs, black and white, please. These limitations are a reflection of our space - at the moment, we are tightly restricted as to the amount of disk space that we can use. When we get further along, we will have more space, and more flexibility for larger (in file size) pieces of art, and true color photgraphy.

Scan that puppy in, and send us an image as an attachment to an e-mail message, to If you can't get your image into computer format (kinko's might be able to help), send us a message, and we'll work out with you some sort of transfer through snail mail, or some other way. We really want art!

Our target release date is the 1st of each month, and the deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month (to be considered for the following month).

If you have any more questions, just ask!